mardi 12 décembre 2017

A paraître en janvier - The Urmuz Epigrams

John Zorn: The Urmuz Epigrams [#8358]

With The Urmuz Epigrams Zorn returns to his roots, using the recording studio as instrument to create an intensely personal suite of compositions in the style of his legendary File Card compositions and Zoetropes. Dedicated to the visionary Romanian writer Urmuz whose small, scattered body of work predated Dadaism by decades, The Urmuz Epigrams is a suite of surrealistic miniatures more akin to philosophical aphorisms than actual music. The pieces are presented here in two iterations, as a set of “rare 78rpm records” complete with surface scratches and limited dynamic range, and as a modern reconstruction of same with the full blown studio sound presented in all its perplexing glory. Some of the craziest music in the Zorn catalog!
(Release date: January 2018)

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yigru zeltil a dit…

I am Romanian and I can tell you that there is no such thing as Urmuz predating Dadaism by decades. He started writing around 1908-09 (around the same period Tristan Tzara himself started writing) and only had his official debut in 1922. So no, he can hardly be considered Romania's Alfred Jarry or something. But he did have a similar influence on many of our avant-garde writers.

Anyway, this matters less than the fact Zorn dares to make a homage to Urmuz, as a figure that's still obscure in the larger picture of avant-garde literature and its genealogies. I love that. I don't expect Zorn to sound like how Urmuz's world would sound like me from a sonic point of view, but it doesn't matter either. Zorn, you're awesome!

Greetings from Romania,
yigru zeltil