samedi 13 mai 2017

En vrac (65)

Video :
- Mike Patton, The Song Project.
- John Zorn / Jim Staley , NYC Roulette 1990.
- John Zorn, "pape" de la Radical Jewish Culture (10 min) par David Unger (en français).

Photos :
- John Zorn avec Richard and Mika Stoltzman.
- John Zorn à Roulette : 1 - 2 - 3.
- Masada, JazzFest Sarajevo, 4 novembre.
- John Zorn par Cyro Baptista.
- John Zorn, Marciac 2012.

Comptes-rendus :
- John Zorn : Game Pieces à Roulette.
- Bagatelles Marathon, Hambourg (en allemand).
- Bagatelles Marathon, Paris.

Chroniques de disques :
- Gnostic Trio, The Testament of Solomon (Tzadikology).
-  Buer: Book of Angels Volume 31 (Music and More).
-  Simulacrum, The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons (
-  Myth and Mythopoeia (Tzadikology).

Concerts :
- Brian Marsella Trio, Saalfelden JazzFestival, 26 août.
- Brian Marsella Trio, Philadelphie, 3 juin.
- Programme John Zorn à Sarajevo 2017.
- John Zorn et Steve Coleman,  The Village Vanguard, 8 mai, 15h.
- John Zorn & Ned Rothenberg, The Stone, 8 décembre.
- John Zorn, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jewish Museum, 4 juin 2017, 11:30 am – 5:45 pm.
- Simulacrum, St-Vitus, Brooklyn, 22 juillet.

Nouvelles :
- Un coffret de 11 disques du Masada Book 3 devrait sortir en novembre.

A paraître en juin - Midsummer Moons

John Zorn: Midsummer Moons [#8354]
For millennia the moon has been a subject of deep fascination—a symbol of love, lust, madness and dreams. More than a passive observer, it is a powerful force whose brilliant luminosity exerts an intoxicating effect upon the winds, the tides, our emotions and more. This dark and moody CD of music inspired by Shakespearian Lunar imagery features ten lyrical compositions evoking the magic of Sister Moon. Stunningly performed by two of the most fabulous new guitarists working today - Julian Lage and Gyan Riley, this is a beautiful and heartfelt program of music for late night contemplation on a romantic midsummer evening.
(Release date: June 2017)