vendredi 23 janvier 2015

Pochette - Amon


Pochette - Simulacrum

Haute résolution.


Pochette - Hen to Pan


Pochette - Simulacrum


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mardi 20 janvier 2015

Hen to Pan - Amon - Simulacrum

John Zorn: Hen To Pan [#8329]
An astonishing collection of three concert music miniatures featuring a tight crew of virtuosos from Zorn’s inner circle. Focusing on the brilliant cellist Jay Campbell, soon to be a new music superstar, along with the equally masterful Michael Nicolas, Chris Otto and Stephen Gosling, these three powerful compositions take chamber music to a whole new level of intensity. Featuring three realizations of Zorn’s infamous composition for 2 celli Ouroboros (two featuring guest percussionist Tyshawn Sorey) along with his canonic puzzle Occam’s Razor and the nine metaphysical aphorisms comprising the piano trio The Aristos, this some of Zorn’s very best music for cello -- visceral, intense and emotionally powerful.
(Release date: February 2015)

Klezmerson: Amon: The Book Of Angels Volume 24 [#8328]
Get ready to be blown out of your seat! Klezmerson has created one of the most astonishing installments of the entire Angels series--a spectacular reading of Masada material drawing upon the rich tradition of Mexican music from Oaxaca to Veracruz. Touching upon Henry Mancini, Xavier Cugat, Psychedelia and so much more, this is without doubt one of the wildest, most creative, flamboyant and masterful readings of Masada material since the Secret Chiefs 3. The work of a maestro in total control of his craft, Amon takes Masada to unimagined places! Essential!
(Release date: February 2015)

John Zorn: Simulacrum [#8330]
The most extreme organ trio ever, Simulacrum is yet another wild new direction from Downtown Alchemist John Zorn, who continues to explore new worlds and new ensembles into his sixth decade. Dramatic through-composed pieces that unfold with a cinematic logic, this genre bending music defies classification, touching upon metal, jazz, minimalism, atonality, noise and more. Passionately performed by an unusual all-star trio of John Medeski (MMW), Matt Hollenberg (Cleric) and Kenny Grohowski (Abraxas), this is powerful and fascinating music that highlights the MENTAL in experimental! Riveting!
(Release date: March 2015)

dimanche 18 janvier 2015

En vrac (24)

- Court vidéo : John Zorn, the Stone.
- Transcriptions : Monadel; Gediel.

Photos :
- John Zorn The Stone.
- Enregistrement avec Ribot, Medeski, Dunn, Grohowski et Hollenberg.
- Zorn, Dunn, Ribot, Medeski, Hollenberg, Grohowski.

Nouvelles :
- Apparemment, pas de Book of Angels pour Guillaume Perret.
- La page Facebook du Zornographe a atteint 500 J'aime.
- A paraître : Simulacrum (John Medeski, Kenny Grohowski, Matt Hollenberg), 17 mars.
- A paraître : un single vinyle de John Zorn et Yoko Ono (enregistrement d'une prestation de 2012).
- D'après Kenny Grohowski, l'enregistrement avec Ribot, Medeski, Dunn, Grohowski et Hollenberg (voir photo plus haut), s'intitulera Simulations et sera une suite à Simulacrum (Medeski, Hollenberg, Grohowski) qui paraît en mars.

Audio :
- John Zorn avec The Master Musicians of Jajouka.

Chroniques de disques :
- Psychomagia (Forces parallèles).
- Transmigration of the Magus (Bird is the Worm).
- Adramelech, Book of Angels vol.22 (Jewish Music Report).

Concerts à venir :
- "Il n'y a plus de firmament", for woodwind quintet (2014), "Baudelaires" (2013), "Oviri" (2014) [première mondiale par le International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), 29-31 janvier.


mardi 13 janvier 2015

Parution de mars

Simulacrum (John Medeski, Kenny Grohowski, Matt Hollenberg), paraîtra le 17 mars.

Enregistrement de Simulacrum

(Marc Urselli)

samedi 10 janvier 2015

dimanche 4 janvier 2015

Vidéo - Zion80 at Ashkenaz Festival 2014


La première et la dernière pièces sont tirées de Adramelech, Book of Angels vol.22.