jeudi 14 mars 2019

En vrac (90)

Concerts :
- Zorn Marathon, Katowice, Pologne, 28 septembre 2019.
- Sofia Rei & JC Maillard, Keter, Masada Book 3, San Francisco, 22 mars.
- Sofia Rei & JC Maillard, Keter, Masada Book 3, Phoenix, 23 mars.
- Sofia Rei & JC Maillard, Keter, Masada Book 3, Nublu, 17 mai.
- New Masada Quartet, Village Vanguard, 14 avril.

Chronique de disque :
- The Interpretation of Dreams (

Texte :
- John Zorn’s Stone Rolls Into Brooklyn’s Crown Heights (Blu Notes).

- Hemophiliac (Mike Patton, John Zorn, Ikue Mori), Fox Theatre, 2004.
- Bladerunner, Mexico, 2015. 
- John Zorn et Bill Laswell, Milan, 2018.

Photos :
- John Zorn et cie, Happyluck n°1, Brooklyn, 1er et 2 mars : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.
- John Zorn au théâtre Miller : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8.
- Naked City, signatures
- Song for Petra

Courts vidéos :
- John Zorn, Cathedral of St John the Divine, Lou Reed drones, 13 mars : 1 - 2

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dimanche 3 mars 2019

mardi 26 février 2019

The Book Beri'ah en albums individuels

Spike Orchestra: The Book Beri’ah Vol 3--Binah [#5103]
Based in London, The Spike Orchestra is one of the most adventurous Big Bands working today, blending jazz, rock, klezmer, cartoon music and the avant garde into a cohesive and compelling whole. Their first Masada project Cerberus was a surprise hit and one of the most powerful and imaginative interpretations in the entire Book of Angels series. Here they top that spectacular CD with new interpretations from The Book Beri’ah. With influences ranging from Gil Evans, Frank Zappa, Zorn and the most experimental side of the Stan Kenton organization, Spike Orchestra creates an incredibly varied program of Masada music at its rocking best. Astonishing big band jazz leading us into the 21st century.
(Release date: March 2019)

Julian Lage and Gyan Riley: The Book Beri'ah Vol 4 -- Chesed [#5104]
The duo of Julian Lage and Gyan Riley is now legendary. Featuring a high level of virtuosity tempered by elegance, love, respect and impeccable taste, their work with Zorn has produced a variety of masterpieces—a magical set of Bagatelles, the sweet midnight music of Midsummer Moons and the rocking new band Insurrection. Here they pour their soulful mastery into ten compositions from The Book Beri’ah and their magical interplay is at its most telepathic as they work every possible variation out of these lyrical and adventurous Zorn compositions. Intimate and imaginative, this is music that will appeal to guitar fans, jazz fans, Jewish music fans and more!
(Release date: April 2019)

Abraxas: The Book Beri'ah Vol 5 -- Gevurah [#5105]
Blending a punk rock sensibility with Sephardic tribalism via a taste of North African Gnawa magic, Abraxas is one of the most primal and rocking ensembles in the Masada family. After extensive touring with music from the Book of Angels, they stormed into Bill Laswell’s studio to record an even more intense CD of Masada Book Three. Upheld by the pulsating sound of Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz’s gimbri and the dynamic drumming of Kenny Grohowski, Aram Bajakian and Eyal Maoz push their guitars to the limits. Hypnotic grooves and trance-inducing guitar solos with arrangements that stop on a dime create a CD of white hot intensity.
(Release date: May 2019)

Déjà parus :

Sofía Rei And JC Maillard : The Book Beri’ah Vol 1--Keter [#5101]

The fabulous voice of Sofía Rei has graced several Zorn vocal projects, from the acappella quartet Mycale to the dynamic Song Project, and here she interprets eight compositions from the Book Beri’ah—the third and last book completing the Masada legacy. Featuring the remarkable JC Maillard on saz bass, the arrangements are incredibly varied, and range from lyrical heartfelt ballads to driving grooves. Intimate and intensely personal, this is one of the most unique Masada CDs in the entire series! Unforgettable. 

Cleric :  The Book Beri’ah Vol 2--Chokhma [#5102]
At the forefront of the new rock complexity, Cleric is one of the most cutting edge bands out of the experimental Metal community. Here they put their hand to nine compositions from Masada Book Three. Masada fans since they were in their teens, the band has put an extra measure of creativity into this project, weaving the tunes into insane arrangements of epic proportions. Outrageous, exhilarating and intense music that combines Metal with modern classical, jazz and the Jewish tradition. You have never heard such sounds in your life! 

The Dreamers en vinyle

(Limited Edition) Vinyl  

John Zorn: Pellucidar -- A Dreamers Fantabula [#6006]

A beautiful vinyl pressing of Zorn’s most delightful and popular instrumental unit The Dreamers performing nine compositions inspired by the imaginary worlds of fantasy literature. Featuring some of Zorn’s catchiest hooks and plenty of fiery solos from Ribot, Saft and Wollesen, Pellucidar blends soul, surf, jazz, minimalism, rumba, tango, samba, exotica and more in classic Dreamers style. Bathed in a fabulous gatefold jacket filled with colorful original art by Tzadik’s exclusive designer Chippy, this long-awaited vinyl version of this modern exotica classic was lovingly remastered and is pressed on virgin vinyl.
(Release date: May 2019)

Parution de mai - Hierophant

John Zorn: The Hierophant [#8363]

The Hierophant is a spectacular new suite of Zorn compositions drawing inspiration from the mystic world of the Tarot. Scored for classic jazz piano trio, the music is powerful and varied, hitting upon a wide range of styles, emotions and moods. Passionately performed by three members of Zorn’s inner circle—Brian Marsella (piano) Trevor Dunn (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums) these magical and moving pieces are not like any piano trio you have ever heard. Thrilling and beautiful modern chamber music featuring three new music virtuosos at the very height of their powers!
(Release date: May 2019)