samedi 23 janvier 2021

Parution d'avril : Chaos Magick


A paraître en avril :

John Zorn: Chaos Magick [#8380]

Chaos Magick is a contemporary magical practice based on the ideas of Austin Osman Spare. Remarkably inclusive, it embraces and has influenced the work of William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley and many others. Inspired by these magical practices, Zorn enlists the three members of his most powerful 21st century ensemble Simulacrum with special guest Brian Marsella on electric piano into this eclectic new quartet Chaos Magick. A fast moving, improvisational and intensely focused ensemble that draws upon classical, jazz, funk, improvisation, metal and more. This music is even crazier than Electric Masada—a must for all fans of the outer realms!

Parution de mars : Teresa de Avila


A paraître en mars :

John Zorn: Teresa De Avila [#8379]

Preceded by "Nove Cantici per Francesco d’Assis"” and "Virtue (for Julian of Norwich)", "Teresa de Avila" is the third and final CD in Zorn’s trilogy inspired by towering figures of Christian mysticism. Written for the all-star acoustic guitar trio of Bill Frisell, Julian Lage and Gyan Riley whose performances are steeped in a feeling of love and mutual respect, the music is both beautifully simple and strangely complex, drawing equally on classical modernism, bluegrass, jazz, Jewish and renaissance music. Filled with compositional surprises, mysterious moods, beautiful harmonies and a stunning lyricism, Teresa de Ávila is a must-have for all fans of acoustic guitar music. This is one of the most personal and varied books of music Zorn has yet written—a lovely tribute to the enduring legacy of one of the world’s most beloved spiritual figures. Includes an extended appreciation by renown philosopher Arnold Davidson.

jeudi 21 janvier 2021

Vidéo - Regalim, Bester Quartet



Pochette - Heaven And Earth Magick


Heaven And Earth Magick, à paraître en février.

mercredi 20 janvier 2021

samedi 16 janvier 2021

dimanche 3 janvier 2021

John Zorn en 2020 - Bilan discographique


Beyond Good and Evil
Les Maudits
Songs for Petra
The Turner Études

lundi 28 décembre 2020

Songs for Pertra en vinyle édition limitée


Édition vinyle limitée de Songs for Petra, signé par John Zorn et Jessie Harris:

En vrac (114)


Photos :
- Billets pour les concerts de John Zorn au Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV), 2013.

Concerts :
- Le site Saudades annonce des dates de concert annoncées pour 2021 - 2022. Voir ici :

Chroniques de disques :
- John Zorn, New Traditions In East Asian Bar Bands (Forces parallèles).
- Simulacrum, Baphomet (

Humour :
- Elaine Benes Watches John Zorn & Yoko Ono perform.

Article :
- The New York Times : "John Zorn’s Pandemic Projects" avec deux extraits de The Turner Études.
- Un paseo por el universo de John Zorn (

Nouvelles :
- Le song book John Zorn/Jessie Harris disponible.
- DMG annonce la sorti d'un coffret de Bagatelles pour le printemps.

dimanche 27 décembre 2020

Parution de février - Heaven And Earth Magick

À paraître en février : 

John Zorn: Heaven And Earth Magick [#8378]

Heaven and Earth Magick showcases Zorn's fabulous and compelling blending of Classical virtuosic instrumental writing with the improvisational world of Jazz. Completely notated works for piano and vibraphone brilliantly performed by Steve Gosling and Sae Hashimoto are set against a dynamic improvisational rhythm section of Jorge Roeder and Ches Smith. An exciting new musical world filled with an exhilarating sense of drama and a mischievous wit. Zorn's unique mastery of instrumental writing and wild improvisational conducting skills are here in all their thorny complexity. Essential!
(February 2021)