mercredi 1 juillet 2020

En vrac (109)

L'oeuvre discographique de John Zorn sous forme graphique.

Photos :
- Masada Quartet, Gend, 2019.
- Baphomet & Calculus (+ chroniques en italien).
- Portrait John Zorn.
- Article de 1993.
- Collection discographique de Zorn.

Chroniques de disques :
- Calculus, par le trio de Brian Marsella (
- Electric Masada, 50th Birthday Celebration 4 (Forces parallèles).
- The Classic Guide to Strategy, volume 2 (Forces parallèles).

Audio :
- Ebuhuel, par David Krakauer et Kathleen Tagg.

Vidéos :
- Asmodeus au New Morning.
- Mahshav, by Laurie DeLuca, Seattle Symphony musician.
- Simulacrum, 2018.

Textes :
- 'He Made the World Bigger': Inside John Zorn's Jazz-Metal Multiverse (
- Texte de Bruce Lee Gallanter sur Zorn dans la newsletter de la Downtown Music Gallery.

Nouvelles pièces de concert au catalogue :

The Gas Heart (2020) • duration: 15'
An outrageous Dadaist opera scored for 2 celli and 2 percussionists with selected texts by Tristan Tzara.
2 vcl; 2 perc

Anima (2020) • duration: 6'
Dedicated to the eccentric French composer Erik Satie and completed the anniversary of his birth on May 17, Anima is a charming Ode to Spring. Subtitled "The Waxing Light" it may be performed as a duo, or accompanied by an improvising rhythm section of bass and drums.
Bb clarinet and bass marimba

Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics That Will Be Able to Present Itself as a Science (2020) • duration: 19'
A sextet for strings inspired in part by Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht. "Magic is not the contradiction to the law of cause and effect, but its crown or nightmare."—J.L.Borges
2 vn, 2 vla, 2 vcl

Audio - Masada Live at the Schl8hof Wels - 11-07-2005


mardi 23 juin 2020

Pochette - Les Maudits

Les Maudits, à paraître en juillet.

lundi 1 juin 2020

En vrac (108)

Chroniques de disques :
- Masada String trio, Azazel, Book of Angels, vol.2 (Forces parallèles).
- Pool (Forces parallèles).
- Filmworks III : 1990-1995 (Forces parallèles).
- Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier, Malphas, Book of Angels vol.3 (Forces parallèles).
- Calculus (Brian Marsella Trio).

Photos :
- Affiche Cobra, 1993.
- Zorn & Kenny Wollesen, Art Institute of Chicago, 2018.
- John Zorn, Terry Riley, Laurie Anderson, 2019.
- Moonchild, Milan, 2006.
- La collection Masada.

Textes :
- John Zorn, una guía para perplejos. I. ¿Por qué Zorn?, premier d'une série de texte sur John Zorn,  en espagnol.
- From the Fantastic to the Dangerously Real: Reading John Zorn’s Artwork, par John Brackett.

John Zorn, The Book of Heads, un livre de Andrea Aguzzi.
This book talks about John Zorn's methods of composition and improvisation and about one of his most famous composition for guitar, The Book Of Heads. In this book you will find not only aesthetic and musical analyzes but also historical, economic and social studies that have contributed to creating these musical structures.


dimanche 31 mai 2020

Pochette - Baphomet

Simulacrum, Baphomet. À paraître en juin.

mardi 19 mai 2020

jeudi 7 mai 2020

A paraître en août - Songs For Petra

John Zorn-Jesse Harris: Songs For Petra [#8374]
Singer Petra Haden excels in this beautiful and unique program of songs penned by the songwriting team of John Zorn and Jesse Harris. Friends for many years, they began working together on The Song Project in 2012, and 8 years later this CD presents the full fruits of their collaboration: 13 Zorn compositions with original lyrics by Jesse Harris. Including the most beautiful melodies from a wide variety of Zorn CDs (and one original that has never appeared on cd before), the melodies are catchy, the lyrics heartfelt, the grooves deep and the solos profound and exhilarating. Backed by the amazing Julian Lage, Jorge Roeder and Kenny Wollesen and produced by Jesse Harris, this is a CD that you will listen to again and again.
(Release date: August 2020)

A paraître en juillet - Les Maudits

John Zorn: Les Maudits [#8373]
Les Maudits presents three dynamic chamber pieces inspired by heroic ‘cursed’ artists of French culture. Demolishing all boundaries and pushing the artistic envelope beyond all expectations Ubu is one of Zorn’s greatest and most outrageous creations-- bizarre musical portrait of the subversive writer Alfred Jarry and his powerful Pataphyisical figure Ubu. The Ubu plays were a powerful precursor to many of the European avant-garde experiments of the early 20th century (Dada, Surrealism, Theatre of the Absurd, Futurism, postmodernism) and Zorn captures the vulgar, rebellious, gluttonous, childish and revolutionary spirit of Ubu in this major new studio composition.
Accompanying this work are two pieces performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble under the direction of David Fulmer. A concerto grosso in three movements inspired by the work of radical French poet Charles Baudelaire, and Oviri (‘savage' in Tahitian) a touching elegy to Paul Gauguin, the influential and complex artist who helped redefine painting in the 20th century.
(Release date: July 2020)

mardi 5 mai 2020

A paraître en juin - Baphomet

John Zorn: Baphomet [#8372]
Baphomet is a masterpiece! One epic 40-minute long-form composition touching upon all of Zorn’s musical obsessions from classical atonality, minimalism, jazz, metal, punk, funk, improvisation, exotica and more. Passionately performed by Simulacrum, his most powerful 20th century ensemble, the music has a dramatic cinematic expanse and is filled with new sounds, unexpected directions, virtuosic solos, bizarre structural complexities and ever surprising melodic and harmonic twists and turns. Baphomet is a courageous new step for Zorn, and a spectacular culmination to his 30-year exploration of the nexus that connects hardcore punk, progressive metal and jazz. Essential!
(Release date: June 2020)