mercredi 2 mars 2016

Mathieu Amalric et John Zorn

Extrait d'une entrevue de Mathieu Amalric (novembre 2015) dans laquelle il fait le point sur la question d'un film sur John Zorn.

I filmed it and recorded sound on my own, with the camera I have here with me. Last night I was filming John Zorn with it at the Village Vanguard after his show.

Wow, I didn’t know he was around.

Yes, yes. And last night was pretty rare because he was playing with The Dreamers, so it was gentler than usual. I’ve been filming Zorn for about six years now and I do it on my own.

Are you making a film together?

No, no, we do it just like that. We became friends. No one else but me has the right to film him. We don’t know what we’re going to do with the footage. At some point, it was for Arte but then I abandoned that idea. Sometimes he films me and other times I film him. But most of the time, I don’t film him. I just want to live the moment when I’m with him. When I’m at his place, I eat the pizza he makes me, I’m just there.

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