jeudi 18 février 2016

Musique de concert - Nouveautés

Les dernières pièces ajoutées au répertoire de musique de concert de John Zorn :

Merlin (2015) • duration: 6'
A highly virtuosic evocation of the mediaeval magician Merlin for solo trumpet, juxtaposing rigorous notated passages with extended sonic explorations and elements of improvisation.
solo trumpet

Pierrot (2015) • duration: 7' The fifth in a suite of five pieces inspired by characters from the Commedia dell'arte. An intense virtuoso showpiece for four celli.
four celli

Cagliostro (2016) • duration: 5'33" The controversial 18th century Italian occultist is evoked in this intense miniature for solo viola. The violist uses 2 bows to weave a swirling spell of 4-string tremolos.
solo viola (two bows)

Candlemas Eve (2016) • duration: 6' 12 rituals for a Witch's Sabbat scored for 2 flautists and a vibraphonist who is assisted by a second player who is constantly adjusting the speed of the vibrato.
fl (bass flute), alto flute (piccolo, bass flute); vibraphone and assistant

Freud (2016) • duration: 10' Inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud, this mini concerto for violin and two celli explores the strata of dreams, memory and the subconscious and is divided into eleven short movements conjuring various deliria, aetiologies, phobias, neuroses and fixations.
vn, 2 vcl

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