samedi 20 septembre 2014

A paraître en novembre - The Last Judgment

A paraître en novembre, le dernier volume de la septologie Moonchild, the Last Judgment :
John Zorn: The Last Judgment [#8325]
Featuring the same magical Templar quartet from In Sacred Blood, The Last Judgment is the final CD in the remarkable Moonchild septology. The band has explored many different worlds in the 8 years of their existence, and this CD takes a moody and lyrical approach with Medeski’s organ fully integrated into the band. Once again inspired by the legend of the powerful Knights Templar and their tragic demise under accusations of heresy in 1307, Zorn has composed a suite of pieces with a strong sense of continuity and emotional impact. Mike Patton draws on every vocal technique in his huge arsenal and the rhythm section of Dunn and Baron are tighter than ever. The last piece of the Moonchild puzzle—essential! (Release date: November 2014)

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