samedi 7 décembre 2013

Parutions à venir

A paraître en février :
- Metempsychomagia, par le quartet Abraxas (Aram Bajakian : guitare, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz : basse, Kenny Grohowski : batterie, Eyal Maoz : guitare).
- The Alchemist, quatuor à cordes.  

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I expext The alchemist will include some other pieces, as it's only 20 minutes long and there are several magickal works unreleased: Evocation of a neophyte, Prophetic mysteries, etc.

Le Zornographe a dit…

I hope so, but don't have any information for now. Pandora's Box would be a good one too (string quartet + soprano). Wait and see.

Le Zornographe a dit…

The other piece will be Earthspirit, for three female voices.