jeudi 19 septembre 2013

Parutions de John Zorn en novembre

Annoncé chez Tzadik : 
John Zorn: Shir Hashirim [#8310] Drawing upon traditions from plainchant, mediaeval ars nova, Renaissance madrigals, 20th century vocal techniques and minimalism, Zorn’s music for a cappella voice is some of his most personal and beloved creations. This is the definitive recording of his sublime, transcendent and radiant work inspired by the seductive lyricism of the world’s oldest known erotic verse. Recorded by The Sapphites, the same all-star quintet that recorded Zorn’s first a cappella masterwork Frammenti del Sappho in 2004, and the soon to be released Holy Visions, this is a sensual evocation of King Solomon’s poetic aphrodisiac The Song of Songs, bathed in a gorgeous package replete with erotic fragrance and a sprig of myrrh. (Release date: Nov 2013)  
John Zorn: On The Torment Of Saints, The Casting Of Spells And The Evocation Of Spirits [#9003] Another installment of spectacular chamber pieces written for some of the greatest new music performers in the US today! Written as a companion piece to Walpurgisnacht (2004), All Hallows’ Eve is a tour de force in three movements for string trio—satanic counterpoint for the Witches’ Sabbath. Written as a gift to the ICE ensemble, Zorn wrote The Tempest as a musical reading of Shakespeare’s mystical and engmatic last play. Finally, the virtuosic Chicago based Fifth House ensemble performs Zorn’s mini-piano concerto in the form of a philosophical dialogue between St. Anthony and his tormentors. Three piece of magic and religious mysticism from downtown alchemist John Zorn performed by a new generation of musical masters! (Release date: Nov 2013)  
Painkiller: The Prophecy [#8311] John Zorn and Bill Laswell are two of the downtown scene's most consistently intrepid musical explorers, and PainKiller, formed in 1991 is their longest running project together. The Prophecy, the first official PainKiller release in over ten years, was recorded live in Europe in 2004–5 and pulls together music from several concerts into a powerful and mind blowing suite unlike anything the group has ever released before. Featuring master drummer Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Korekyojin) who has worked with Zorn and Laswell off and on since the mid-’80s, the music takes on a mercurial, unpredictable edge. One epic hour long suite surrounded by two short hardcore blasts of searing intensity, The Prophecy is music of great mystical power from one of the most unique sax-bass-drums trios ever assembled. (Release date: Nov 2013)  

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