jeudi 8 août 2013

@ (John Zorn et Thurston Moore) - Pochette

La pochette de @, album de John Zorn et Thurston Moore qui paraîtra fin septembre. 
John Zorn And Thurston Moore: “@” [#7643] 
Screeches, Scratches, Knocks, Bangs, Explosions and Howls in the Night! “@” is a fabulous studio recording of duo improvisations from two downtown masters, each responsible for some of the most dynamic music ever to come out of downtown NY. Both long-time supporters of extreme music and proponents of free improvisation, John and Thurston are brilliant improvisers and have worked with everyone from Derek Bailey, Milford Graves and Evan Parker to Cecil Taylor, Fred Frith, Han Bennink and beyond. Exhibiting a deep musical connection, they come together here for the first time to create a fabulous program of varied and powerful duo improvisations. “@” presents the community of NY’s Downtown scene at its collaborative best.  

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