mardi 2 juillet 2013

Cobra en Grèce - Détails

À propos de la performance de Cobra en Grèce (voir le vidéo), voilà ce qu'écrit Manthos Karras, prompter et co-directeur de l'orchestre:

My name is Manthos Karras and i am the prompter and the co-director of the orchestra.
This is the first cobra live performance in Greece.
We tried to give our performance a more theatrical feeling. We made an installation in the space where the live was held using objects, strange lights, frames, images etc.
The duration was about 1h20' without intemission. So we played actually one cobra. We wanted the audience to enter a strange world knowing nothing about the game piece and its rules, without clapping between cobras etc. Because of that we had some prepared music called with Runners (R) (like Erik Satie's VEXATIONS and Steve Reich's Clapping Music) as inderludes.
We also made some "additions" to typical Cobra.
We had an audience card trying to make the audience part of the performance, a card called "parrot" (players immitate what parrot does), (R)unner with loop playing, (R)unners making sounds like machines or animal sounds, etc.
Masks for the guerrillas along with hats. performance improvisations along with music playing (the dance was one of these).
Cobra system has so many potentials!
Most of the cues are requested by the performers. The prompter just controls the rhythm of the changes and makes only a few artistic decisions. It's very important for us Cobra to be a group synthesis.
After this live performance we're trying to evolve cobra game piece in other ways also.


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