lundi 20 mai 2013


Annoncé chez Tzadik (sortie fin juillet):

John Zorn: Dreamachines [#8308]

Zorn’s work has been deeply influenced by the work of Gysin and Burroughs, beginning in the late ’60s when he first became aware of their art, writing, and revolutionary techniques of third mind collaboration. Dreamachines celebrates this connection with nine compositions combining the quirky atonality of Zorn’s classical music, the cut up techniques of Naked City and the soulful lyricism of the Masada songbook. A companion piece to Nova Express (2011), the music is incredibly varied and jumps from tonality to atonality with dramatic surprise. Another complex and intense program of modern chamber music filled with meticulous detail and emotion performed by an all-star quartet of virtuosos from Zorn’s inner circle. 

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