mardi 5 février 2013

Lemma disponible

Lemma est disponible chez Orkhestra.

Ce cd comprend les trois oeuvres suivantes (source : Hips Road) :

Ceremonial Magic (2011) • duration: 20'
A magic ritual for solo violin with optional improvised percussion. Can be performed with a drum set player or as a solo piece. In four movements.
solo violin

Passagen (2011) • duration: 20'
Dedicated to Elliott Carter and presented to him as a birthday gift, Passagen is a virtuosic tour de force for solo violin. solo violin

Apophthegms (2012) • duration: 20'
Apophthegm: a short cryptic remark containing some generally accepted truth. 12 miniatures for 2 violins exploring a variety of violinistic and compositional techniques. Divided into 2 sets of 6 pieces each.
vn (2)

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