jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Arcana VI

Arcana VI annoncé sur le site de Tzadik :

John Zorn: Arcana VI [#B007]

We are living at a time of revolution: politically, intellectually, emotionally, artistically, spiritually and technologically. History has shown us that times of crisis are also very exciting times for the Arts, and accordingly there is a great deal of amazing music being made today. Unfortunately the best of it remains obscure, overshadowed by work that is more easily grasped on first hearing. —from the preface

The acclaimed Arcana series is a small step toward educating the interested listener about the inner workings of the artistic process and is a major source on new music theory and practice in the 21st century. Rather than an attempt to distill or define a musician’s work, Arcana illuminates via personal vision and experience through manifestoes, scores, interviews, notes and critical papers written by the practitioners themselves. Essential for composers, musicians, students and fans alike, this challenging and original series provides insight into the work, mind and methodologies of some of the most remarkable creative minds of our time.  

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