vendredi 29 juin 2012


Le descriptif de Rimbaud, qui paraîtra fin août, sur le site de Tzadik :

John Zorn: Rimbaud [#8301]
An eclectic suite inspired by revolutionary French writer Arthur Rimbaud, whose incredible life and work continues to be a symbol for rebellion and visionary freedom to this day. Beginning the program is Bateau Ivre, a remarkable chamber work whose tempo is constantly in flux, and contains some of Zorn’s most colorful and lyrical writing. A Season in Hell is a powerful electronic composition and features Zorn’s personal soundscapes enhanced by Ikue Mori’s scintillating laptop. Illuminations brings together the best of classical and jazz with a fully-notated virtuosic piano part accompanied by an improvised rhythm section. Concluding the CD is an outrageous file card piece with Zorn on sax, piano, guitar and foley effects and renegade actor/director Mathieu Amalric reading texts from the intense and hilarious L'Album Zutique. Four compositions inspired by the 19th century poetic genius and formidable hell-raiser Arthur Rimbaud, whose revolutionary writing and lifestyle continues to inspire artists into the 21st century!  

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