vendredi 14 octobre 2011

A Dreamers Christmas - Réactions sur Twitter


Quelques réactions sur Twitter à l'occasion de la parution de l'album A Dreamers Christmas :

- Not sure if this John Zorn Christmas record is meant to be ironic or not...

- Ok, tu sais que la postmodernité n'est pas morte quand John Zorn sort un album de Noël ... #WTF?!?

- Even Zorn can't make me listen to a christmas album.

- The Zorn Christmas album is so straight-ahead, it's unnerving.

- Only just found out that John Zorn has recorded a Christmas album - Not sure about that, low on my to-listen-to-list.

- I guess you never know what you're gonna get from John Zorn, including straight-up Christmas carols.

- John Zorn did a christmas album? Well now I've seen it all!

- Well, fuck. A John Zorn christmas album. I'm officially old.


- enjoying this John Zorn christmas album but having a hard time with A) that he made a christmas album & B) apparently no screaming or satan.

- Lo de John Zorn y Mike Patton... Llámalo disco de villancicos, llámalo música de ascensor.

- J'ai peur d'écouter ce John Zorn et Mike Patton. Vous ?

- so glad that john zorn made a christmas album.

- L'album de John Zorn et Mike Patton pour Noël est... étrange et rafraichissant.

- l'album "A Dreamers Christmas Personnel" de John Zorn est jazzistiquement triquant.

- Sortie de l'abum "A Dreamers Christmas" de John Zorn. Ou comment écouter autre chose que Tino Rossi à Noël...

- Thanks to John Zorn and Mike Patton, I've started listening to christmas music a bit early this year.


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Anonyme a dit…

I dig the album. There's no vocals except for one track with Mike Patton. It's the Dreamers band, one of the best ensembles out there in Zorn's arsenal. I think it's a worthy purchase!