mardi 5 juillet 2011

Entrevue avec Bill Laswell


Entrevue avec Bill Laswell. Le dernier paragraphe concerne sa relation avec John Zorn :

BL: Well, we started around the same time in New York. I think around in the late ‘70s neither of us really had any idea what we were gonna do, and we would sort of run into each other and we started playing just improv things. And he started building his concepts and what would turn into an empire later, but…doing his game pieces…and this was before he was doing a lot of written music – he was mostly improv. And that’s how we met. And gradually we started to play more and more. At the time I don’t think he even thought about making a career or success. And he didn’t care about money, didn’t care about really anything. He just wanted to play and wanted to create things. Over time we went in different directions. During the early ‘80s I started to do more accessible things and bigger label things, and he started to develop his repertoire and his army of musicians, and then periodically we would come together for different projects. So it’s one of the few people that I’ve known…it’s probably the only person that I’ve played consistently with from that time. In fact, we have things coming in the future. We do a lot of duets. We’re very interested in doing this duet thing where there’s no drummer, just two people. And I hope we can continue doing that. And we had a trio with Laurie Anderson that I thought worked pretty well. So we’ve always played either trio or duet and it’s always been with different kinds of drummers, sometimes Milford Graves, sometimes Japanese drummers – x`x from The Ruins, and for a brief time Mick Harris originally from Napalm Death and Scorn. So it’s always been these different things, it’s always been predominantly improv. But it’s someone who I’ve worked with consistently and I will continue to work with consistently, and probably our take on music is completely different, which is I think why it works. We have a completely different value system, and he’s got his world and I’ve got a world…and I think it’s interesting that we’re completely different and that’s probably why it’s able to last – we don’t cancel each other out.

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