mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Nova Express


A paraître en mars 2011, Nova Express, de John Zorn, avec John Medeski, Kenny Wollesen, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron :
"Following up on seeds first planted in the depths of the Interzone conspiracy, Nova Express combines the quirky atonal lyricism of Zorn’s classical music with the cut up techniques of Naked City and the intimate virtuosity of the Masada songbook. Scored for a modern jazz quartet of vibes, piano, bass and drums, these episodic, dynamic and moody compositions feature some of Zorn’s strongest writing. Performed by an all-star group of four downtown masters, this is an exciting new sound from the world of John Zorn. Modern chamber miniatures music filled with beautiful details and dramatic passions composed and conducted by our East Village musical alchemist."

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Anonyme a dit…

Excellent! Where did you hear about this? I don't see it on the Tzadik website yet.


Le Zornographe a dit…

Source :, from a post by Chippy on Facebook.

Anonyme a dit…

Est ce le sens de la petite carte que l'on trouve dans Interzone ? Elle porte la mention Nova Mob 07387. Ce numéro est la référence du CD Interzone dans le catalogue Tzadik.
D'autres pistes pour cette carte ?