mardi 27 avril 2010

Trevor Dunn - White Magic

Dans une entrevue publiée sur le blog An Ithaca Underground Zine, Trevor Dunn évoque l'un des prochains projets de John Zorn, dans le genre musique de chambre, qui comprendrait, outre Dunn à la basse, harpe, piano et vibraphone. The Goddess sans doute.

Trevor Dunn : I still work with John Zorn quite a bit and I think there are two recordings I’ve done with him that are on their way to release.  One is The Dreamers – our third release plus a new group I think he’s calling White Magic which is a really strange sort of chamber jazz project with harp, piano, vibraphone.  I play electric bass on it and it’s a really interesting project.  We spent three days in the studio recording it and it crosses the line between Steve Reich minimalism and ‘70s fusion mixed with chamber music.  It’s a really interesting project! 

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